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Blackbird Digital is a local SEO and consulting company based in Park Slope in Brooklyn . We provide business growth consulting and a Done-For-You SEO package tailored for businesses who want to  increase their monthly revenue. While we excel in SEO, our expertise extends to comprehensive digital solutions that analyses your site, helps you claim the top spot on Google, along with other social media and video marketing strategies, and generate more leads monthly.

We started from humble beginnings in New Zealand and eventually expanded in the United States, after a series of successful SEO projects in New Zealand. We have taken many local brands and start-ups from 0 to 1 . 

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What We Do

We help local businesses leverage a steady flow of income monthly through an effective SEO and digital marketing strategy. We offer clients a DONE-FOR-YOU package, where we position your business on top of Google searches, improve your ranking and visibility. Our strategey is very unique and effective that we have helped 100+ local businesse already since we started in New Zealand and currently expanding in New York. If you want real results for your business, feel free to contact us.

How Do We Drive $30K Or More In Your Revenue Monthly

If you’ve come across our SEO company for the first time, you might be wondering how we could drive $30, 000 in revenue to your business monthly. Sounds great BUT how does it work?

Let us tell you why...

Blackbird Digital uses a distinctive approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Unlike relying solely on keyword research, we go beyond by identifying the optimal niche in the market that resonates with your target audience and yields the highest sales potential. Our expertise lies in strategically positioning companies to secure the top spot-on Google in their chosen niche, ensuring not just visibility but prominence. We understand the nuances of market dynamics and tailor our strategies to carve out a unique space for your business. We also enhance your online presence and drive success in a way that goes beyond conventional keyword-centric methodologies.

Real Business, With Real Results

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