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Strategy + DIY

Strategy + DIY

Join a strategy session covering business analysis, market research, tailored SEO strategies, and recommendations for improvement.

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What You Can Get From Our DIY SEO Session

Business analysis including market research, competition analysis.

Find keywords that you can rank your business with. See the keywords used by your top-ranking competitors and know how they are ranking for them. Blackbird Digital will help you tap opportunities, map keywords to your website, and keep your efforts focused on every page to maximize results.

Tailored SEO, keywords and GMB strategies to attract high-quality clients.

Leverage a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, tailored for your business. Get precise guidance to optimize your Google Maps and GMB ranking and visibility. Get every tool you need to get your business top placement on Google Maps.

Assistance in market positioning and defining unique value propositions.

Get precise guidance in positioning your business on top of the market.  Get a detailed plan explaining the benefits of your products that you can execute.

Identification of improvement areas on your websites, GMB , and overall strategic recommendations.

Blackbird Digital will point out the areas on your website that need improvement and get lots of insights into optimizing them.  Get strategic recommendations regarding keyword usage, website elements, design, and content and social media strategy.

Let's Skyrocket Your Business Today

Blackbird Digital creates an easy-to-follow action plan that you can execute for your business. It takes away 80 percent of your time, learning SEO on your own. We understand that SEO can be complex and difficult so we do all the heavy lifting for you. Get this SEO package and start seeing an impact on your search engine rankings.