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Auckland Concrete Driveway Increases 63% Leads Monthly

The Problem

Auckland Concrete Driveways is experiencing lower-than-anticipated sales and aims to enhance project acquisition monthly. A thorough analysis of the business reveals low visibility, coupled with a low-ranking status in Googlw, resulting in a lack of inbound calls, averaging zero per week.


  • To increase discoverability and ranking in Google to attract high-paying leads seeking concrete services in New Zealand
  • To increase exclusive leads from 0 to 10-15 per week 
  • To increase sales by 60% annually & ensure longevity in business


Building upon the insights derived from the analyses, we have formulated an SEO strategy that harnesses the potential of carefully selected keywords. Additionally, we developed and designed a highly optimized website tailored for effective lead generation. Furthermore, we executed digital marketing initiatives and engaged in strategic social media implementation.

Our SEO experts have worked in identifying the optimal niche to strategically position the company on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), enhancing its discoverability among high-value leads.  Unlike other SEO strategies, our team of SEO professionals have the expertise to strategically target key areas for maximum impact. 

auckland concrete driveway


In the initial three months, Auckland Concrete Driveway experienced a significant boost in rankings, directly correlating with a noticeable increase in both web traffic and leads. 

The succeeding months, there was a continous surge in high-quality leads, inundating the lead generation pipeline. Auckland Concrete Driveway’s leads increased from almost 0 weekly to 10-15 every week. 

Auckland Concrete Driveway consistently tops Google searches, contributing to increased visibility and most importantly, their sales.  This progress can be attributed to the trust established through the SEO campaign, thanks to Blackbird SEO experts. 


I want to have $30,000 more in monthly revenue

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