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Wellington Concrete Driveway Earns 160% Increase in Monthly Revenue

The Problem

Wellington Concrete Driveway company is having 0-1 customer for concrete services monthly.  A complete assessment of the sites reveals that it has low searchability online and lacking in keyword strategy for website optimization.


  • To position website on the Top 1 Results of Google Search using targeted keywords related to concrete services in Wellington, New Zealand
  • To increase sales up to 160% monthly or at least 10 high-paying clients in the next 20 days
  • To continue provided 10-20 leads per month
wellington concrete driveway


To help Wellington Concrete Driveway, we have designed a highly converting website optimized for local SEO and had our expert team improve lead generation efforts through proven strategies from our DONE-FOR-YOU package. 

Understanding the importance of connecting with the local audience, our website design incorporates relevant keywords, location-specific meta tags, and geographically targeted content.

Our team have also handled social media strategies. We have provided 10-20  leads throughout the first month of engagement, which the company have successfully nurtured and have resulted into 160% increase in monthly revenue.


Our team had constantly analyzed the website performance using analytics tools to make data-driven adjustments, ensuring a continuous improvement in visibility and, consequently, achieving the targeted 160% in monthly revenue.

Wellington Concrete Driveway has gained an impressive monthly sales growth, which has surged by 30% from their last sales. This substantial increase underscores the effectiveness of our DONE-FOR-YOU package, including adept marketing and search engine optimization strategies.