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Auckland Gutter And Roof Earns $600,000 In Extra Revenue Monthly

The Problem

Auckland Gutter and Roof is experiencing 0-1 sales monthly. A thorough assessment of the site reveals low visibility, couple with lack of keyword targeting and SEO strategy.


  • To create a highly-converting website optimized for SEO and position business on top 1 of Google Search Results Page
  • To increase leads to 10x for the first 20 days
  • To convert 80% of the leads and increase sales up to 60% monthly
auckland gutter and roof


To significantly enhance the Auckland Gutter and Roof’s website’s visibility and achieve a remarkable $600, 000 in extra revenue monthly, our team have implemented a robust SEO strategy.

Our DONE-For-Your package, which included thorough keyword research have made an impressive impact in the site’s local visibility and attracted 20+ more leads in the first 20 days.

We have also optimized on-page elements, including meta tags, headers, and content, to align with these keywords. In addition, we had a team working with fostering a strong backlink profile by engaging in strategic link-building activities with reputable websites in your industry.

Through a highly-converting website, Auckland Gutter and Roof was able to have 20+ leads for the first 20 days and have achieved $600,000 in extra revenue monthly.


IDX Liquidations experienced increase visibility and appeared numerous searches. Traffic was boosted to  66% more, which yield to an impressive increase in leads and customer conversion.

IDX Liquidation consistently dominates Google searches, significantly enhancing its visibility and, more importantly, driving substantial increases in sales. Through strategic optimization efforts, IDX Liquidation has secured top rankings on Google, ensuring that its presence stands out in the competitive market.

This strong online visibility not only attracts more potential customers but also establishes IDX Liquidation as a go-to source for overstock, customer returns, closeouts, flea market goods, and bulk liquidation merchandise. This strategic approach to SEO has proven instrumental in positioning IDX Liquidation as a market leader and facilitating substantial growth in sales.