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Done For You - Rent A Website Package

Blackbird Digital can setup a highly converting website for your firm for $699, inclusive of all costs such as content, website, SEO, and link building.

You only pay based on the results, with organic leads being 100% exclusive to your firm. We can start with an commission sturcture on closed clients. You don’t have to deal with pay per low quality leads that doesn't turn into a job. And we can adjust to a flat fee once we establish a consistent lead flow (for example: 10-20 per month).

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Who Is This Service For?

This is for local businessess and entrepreneurs who want to skip the hassle of building a website and get a headstart in their online presence. By renting a website, you can have a tailored website right away and focus on selling products and businesses. What’s more beneficial with this setup is that the website you get is already optimized for search engines, using proven and effective SEO strategies.  Using this website, we can generate a steady supply of leads for your business monthly, offering you a hassle-free headstart in your chosen niche.

What is Lead Generation Site?

The sites are done-for-you local lead generation sites that focus on a niche and market of your choosing. These are high quality WordPress sites built on Siteground account that look slick, rank fast, and get results. These are the same sites I used to get 50+ sites to the NO. 1 spot on google map.

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We Build Out

All of this is for $699 USD per site set-up fee.

Starting From Scratch

Lack of proper SEO

Ranking in search engines like Google can be challenging for businesses. Some niches can be saturated, and without proper keyword strategy, your website may remain buried in search results, making it challenging for potential customers to find you.  Hiring someone without knowledge in SEO can also be deadly to your business. Without effective SEO, your website may end up consuming funds without generating any client leads for your business.

Renting A Website

Great for comprehensive SEO

 A done-for-you website is built with good SEO with clean coding and highly-optimized content that allows your site to load quickly, and be on top of Google results page.  You’ll also enjoy a great on-page SEO structure that enables your site to have SEO-friendly URLs, titles, and meta descriptions.  Our strategy helps boost your site’s rank in Google, make you more visible to clients, as much as it can provide you with a steady supply of leads monthly.

You Are On Your Own

Owning a website comes with its fair share of challenges, particularly when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. You will encounter technical glitches, software updates, and security threats. Plus, who will keep your website’s content fresh and updated? Keeping content relevant can require a massive effort and resources that you may not be able to address. Above all, it’s easy  to find a trusted SEO professional who can help you all the way.

Site Management Included

When you rent a website, we take care of almost everything. You will get support for technical glitches, software updates, and content updates. This includes blogs and updating the website with photos from your business.  Most importantly, you have the choice to opt out. If you decide you no longer want to continue with your website and want to go in a different direction, you can opt-out once our agreement is finished.

No Free Hosting

If you decide to build your own site, you will need a hosting service which comes with a cost that you have to shoulder alone. Of course, there’s a free option but it will include their domain name as watermark, which doesn’t look professional. Moreover, you can’t simply move the website from one server to another. Hence, you would have to start from scratch if you were unhappy with the service.

Hosting Included In Plan

We provide the hosting for your website and build it using WordPress, which we all know is a highly scalable platform. You will enjoy an SEO-friendly website, with logo design, business number, email, and Google my business that is top on Google search results.  It is perfect for optimization and since we know the ins-and-outs of hosting services, you do not have to worry anything. You just let the experts handle the SEO for you.

More Expensive

Building your own website from scratch can cost a lot, considering the team you have to complete for success. You will need a developer, content writers, and SEO professionals on top of the cost from web hosting, WordPress building and maintenance, and other plugins. Consequently, you may find yourself needing to invest additional funds in advertisements and other promotional efforts, or even enlist the services of an advertising agency to improve its visibility. After all this, there’s no guarantee of success. Even with these measures in place, there’s still no guarantee of success.

Absolutely Cost Efficient

Renting our website is a cost-effective investment for your business. We don’t only guarantee it will work, but we can guarantee you get a steady supply of leads monthly to make your business profitable. We pride ourselves with the various companies we’ve worked together that have leveraged impressive results in terms of SEO and sales. You can read our case studies of how we have helped several companies top on Google and generate higher revenue monthly through our done-for-you package. Give us a call so we can talk about our business, and get a free estimate.

I want to rent a website

Do you own a local business but do not have digital presence? Or do you have a website and want to diversify your lead generation efforts so you can generate a higher revenue monthly? We’ve got the answer for you. Call us and learn how you can benefit from our website rental.